§ 153.18  FINAL PLANS.
   All submittals for final site plan approval shall be prepared and reviewed as follows.
   (A)   When a preliminary site plan submitted under this chapter is approved or conditionally approved and no appeal is taken as provided in this chapter, the applicant shall cause a final site plan to be prepared in accordance with the provisions of § 153.16, but the information shown shall be specific standards and not general in nature.
   (B)   The Land Use Administrator shall be responsible for checking the final site plan for completeness and compliance with the approval preliminary plan of such administrative requirements as may be established prior to routing copies thereof to reviewing departments or officials. The Land Use Administrator shall see that all examination and review of the final site plan are completed by the approving authorities.
   (C)   The Land Use Administrator shall approve or disapprove the site plan in accordance with the reviewing departments recommendations, noting thereon any changes that will be required, to the applicant not later than 30 days from the date of submission.
   (D)   Upon finding that a final site plan complies in all respects, the Land Use Administrator shall approve the final plan. Upon a finding that the final site plan does not comply with a previously approved preliminary site plan or the provisions of this section, the applicant shall be so advised and shall be allowed to either bring the final plan into compliance in all respects, submit a new preliminary site plan for processing as if no plan has been previously considered, or withdraw the application without refund of fees.
(Ord. passed 9-13-1990)