The following procedures are required for site plans or portions thereof.
   (A)   Site plans or any portion thereof involving engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, or land surveying shall be respectively certified by an engineer, architect, landscape architect, or land surveyor duly authorized by the state to practice as such.
   (B)   Site plans shall be prepared to a scale of one inch equals 50 feet or larger. Site plans shall be submitted in clearly legible blue- or black-line copies. The size of each print shall be 24 by 36 inches. For smaller scale development, the print size may be reduced as approved by the Land Use Administrator.
   (C)   A site plan may be prepared in one or more sheets to show clearly the information required by this chapter and to facilitate the review and approval of the plan. If prepared on more than one sheet, match lines shall clearly indicate where the several sheets join. Where several sheets are necessary, an appropriately scaled single-sheet overview shall be required.
   (D)   A master site plan may be submitted for large areas developed in phases. Further changes, additions, or deletions may be submitted as site plans wherein only that portion of the land or building affected need be shown.
   (E)   Five copies of the site plan shall be filed with the Land Use Administrator. The filing of the plan signed by the applicant and his or her agent shall constitute submittal of the application for approval.
(Ord. passed 9-13-1990)