Except as provided in this section, no person shall cause, suffer, or allow any open burning. Fires may be set for the following purposes, provided that permission is obtained from the Richmond Fire Department pursuant to § 92.73, and that such fires do not violate any of the provisions of KRS Chapters 149, 150, 227, or any other laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:
   (A)   Burn/fire pit fire (permit not required).
      (1)   Fires set for recreational or ceremonial purposes;
      (2)   Small fires set by construction and other workers for comfort heating purposes providing excessive or unusual smoke is not created.
   (B)   Permit open burn fire (permit required).
      (1)   Fires set for the purpose of weed abatement, disease and pest prevention;
      (2)   Fires set for the purpose of bona fide instruction and training of public and industrial employees in the methods of fighting fires;
      (3)   Fires set for recognized agricultural, silvicultural, range and wildlife management practices;
      (4)   Fires set for disposal of natural growth for land clearing that is native to the address, and trees and tree limbs felled by storms, provided that no extraneous material such as tires or heavy oil which tend to produce dense smoke are used to cause ignition or aid combustion; and
      (5)   The use of fans or blowers shall be permitted.
(Ord. 96-69, passed 10-15-96; Am. Ord. 16-28, passed 10-11-16)  Penalty, see § 92.99