(A)   If any owner of property against which an order has been issued under § 92.27 fails to comply with it after the time for appeal has expired or as modified on appeal to the Commissioner, fails to comply with the order, the Fire Chief or his designated representative may cause the property to be repaired, or removed if repair is not feasible, and all fire hazard conditions remedied, at the expense of the owner.
   (B)   The repair or removal shall be accomplished by the city under the direction of the Fire Chief or his designated representative and the city shall have a lien on the real estate or property involved for the expenses of the labor, materials and equipment furnished for the repair or removal of the fire hazard conditions.
   (C)   Upon demand by the city on the property owner for the expenses it incurred in repairing removing the fire hazard and refusal of payment by the property owner.  The city shall file an action in the Madison Circuit Court against the property owner to enforce its lien for the repairs or removal expenses pursuant to KRS 426.005 and other applicable statutes.
(Ord. 84-03, passed 2-21-84)