The provisions of the KRS 258.025 to 258.085 inclusive, listed herein by title, shall be enforced:
   (A)   Dogs are to be vaccinated against rabies; certificates and metal tags bearing certificate numbers are to be issued.
   (B)   Under certain conditions, dogs of an entire county may be exempt from vaccination by the State Board of Health.
   (C)   A dog vaccinated in another state need not be revaccinated within a year of its vaccination date.
   (D)   Vaccinations are to be made by approved veterinarians.
   (E)   Quarantine of all dogs may be ordered in case of rabies epidemic.
   (F)   Persons bitten by dogs or other animals are to be reported to the local health department within 12 hours after the incident.
   (G)   Any dog having bitten a person or another dog or other animal, and being suspected of rabies is to be quarantined; the head of the dog is to be sent to an approved laboratory at the dog owner's expense.
   (H)   State Board of Health is to administer the rabies law.
('79 Code, § 4-22)  (Ord. 76-26, passed 1-4-77)  Penalty, see § 90.99