§ 71.06  FUNERALS.
   All persons conducting or having charge of funerals and funeral arrangements in the city, whether at a church, funeral home or private residence, are hereby authorized and permitted, on the day any funeral is to be conducted by them and until same has been concluded, to place on the street near the curb, in front of the building where said rites are to be, and are being conducted, metal signs bearing the words:  “No Parking-Funeral,” sufficient in number to reserve all parking spaces required for the orderly parking and handling of funeral cars and equipment, and it shall be unlawful for any persons, after such signs have been placed as aforesaid, without permission from any such funeral director, to park any vehicle within such reserved spaces.
('79 Code, § 23-72)  (Ord. A-58, passed 6-2-53)  Penalty, see § 71.99