(A)   Metered residential water customers and allotments.
      (1)   The number of permanent residents in each dwelling unit (household) will determine the amount of water that each household will be allowed.
      (2)   Each dwelling unit (household) shall be allotted 40 gallons per day for each resident of the household.  Households with only one permanent resident will have a daily allotment of 55 gallons.
      (3)   Residential water customers are required to provide city and utility personnel with reasonable access to read meters as necessary to enforce this rationing declaration.  Where access is not readily available, all reasonable efforts to contact customers in order to arrange for access to read meters shall be made.  In the event a water customer does not allow entry to read the meter after reasonable efforts to arrange for such access the dwelling unit (household) allotment will be reduced to 55 gallons per day.
      (4)   (a)   Where the residential water allotment provided under this section would create an extraordinary hardship, as in the case of special health-related requirements, the water customer may apply to the city for an exemption or variance from these requirements.  If it is found that the allotment provided in this section would impose an extraordinary hardship, a revised allotment for the particular customer may be established.
         (b)   Any person aggrieved by a decision relating to such an exemption or variance rendered by a public utility or municipal corporation, may file a complaint with the city's governing body in accordance with the city's administrative procedures.
         (c)   In the case of rural water districts, appeals should be filed with the state's Public Service Commission.
   (B)   Non-metered residential water customers and allotments.
      (1)   In order to effectively implement and monitor the residential water conservation effort, a water allotment shall be established for the entire water system based on the lesser of 40 gallons per day per capita served or 50% of the water used by the entire system during March 1985.
      (2)   The city and the utility will establish a communication system with the customers through public media to inform them of the requirements of the water rationing provisions of this subchapter, possible conservation measures that customers may employ, the system allotment, and a regularly scheduled report of whether the usage was within the allotment.
   (C)   Metered and non-metered residential customers of the same water supply system.  Where a water supply system serves both metered and non-metered residential customers, the allotments and procedures provided under both divisions (A) and (B) shall be applied, as appropriate.
   (D)   Suggested conservation measures.  See § 54.19.
(Ord. 86-39, passed 10-22-86)