(A)   The Board of Commissioners of the Richmond Utilities Board is hereby authorized, as it acquires sewer main easements across various properties outside city boundaries necessary to divert flow of sanitary waste water to Otter Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant away from Silver Creek Waste Water Treatment plant, to agree with the property owners of the various tracts to be encumbered by such easements that such properties will at the discretion of the property owners be entitled to connect to city sewage and water lines located on their property lines and to receive city water and sewage service; provided, easements are granted without the city's payment of additional cost and outside of the context of any condemnation litigation looking towards the acquisition of an easement through the city's exercise of its power of eminent domain. Development fees, assessment fees, and connection fees applicable to water and sewage service customers within city boundaries shall be assessed to and paid by all customers within the purview of this section.
   (B)   The rates to be charged to such customers as are described in division (A), above, for water and sewage services shall be the rates as are prescribed in existing city ordinances, and as same may from time to time be amended, for customers outside city limits unless and until such properties shall be annexed into the city.
(‘79 Code, § 19-1)  (Ord. 90-36, passed 10-2-90; Am. Ord. 19-11, passed 6-25-19)
   Water, see §§ 54.01 et seq.