General Provisions
   94.01   Definitions
   94.02   Territorial application
   94.03   Duties of Animal Control Officer
   94.04   Animal shelter
   94.05   Interference or concealment
   94.06   Duty of owner to control animals
   94.07   Running at large
   94.08   Animal waste
   94.09   Public nuisances
   94.10   Mistreatment of animals prohibited
   94.11   Cruel treatment prohibited
   94.12   Notice in case of injury
   94.13   Destruction of animals that cannot be seized by reasonable means
   94.14   Setting humane animal traps and authority to receive trapped animals
   94.15   Impoundment
   94.16   Humane euthanasia of injured or diseased animals
   94.17   Handling of stray animals by the public
   94.18   Dogs in public parks
   94.19   Wild animals
   94.20   Keeping livestock
   94.21   Tethering of horses
   94.22   Disposal of dead animals
   94.23   Animal; chicken fighting prohibited
   94.24   Number of animals allowed
   94.40   Bird sanctuary designated
   94.41   Unlawful to kill birds
   94.42   Signs permitted
Rabies Control
   94.55   Compliance with state rabies laws
   94.56   Vaccination of dogs, cats and other pets
   94.57   Wearing of collar and tags
   94.99   Penalty