1155.03 USES.
   (a)   Permitted Uses.
      (1)   Offices: professional, financial, governmental, public utility, administrative, sales (but no retail)
      (2)   Research laboratories: experimental, research, and testing; all types of basic and applied research of product design and development, including the operation of small-scale experimental and pilot plant operation
      (3)   Public and private educational facilities and indoor training schools
      (4)   Public buildings
      (5)   Library, museum, art gallery
      (6)   Hospital or medical arts
      (7)   Public or parochial primary or secondary school, public or private college or community college
   (b)    Conditional Uses.
      (1)   Public park, playground or other public recreation facility
      (2)   Licensed child or adult day care center
      (3)   Nursing homes, assisted living facilities subject to Section 1173.13(b)
      (4)   Public utilities and pertinent structures subject to Section 1173.15(b)
      (5)   Churches and other buildings for the purpose of religious worship
         (Ord. 25-2011. Passed 9-20-11.)
      (6)   Offices with warehousing of products in an enclosed building (flex space) provided the office shall not be less than one-third of the total floor area of the use. (Ord. 37-2017. Passed 7-18-17.)
   (c)    Accessory Uses.
      (1)   Off-street parking and loading as provided in Chapter 1177
      (2)   Signs as permitted in Chapter 1163
      (3)   Personal services limited to beauty, barber, restaurant, snack bar, florist or copy center, all of which are incidental to and are a part of a permitted main use.
(Ord. 25-2011. Passed 9-20-11.)