(a)   The Public Service Director shall provide applications for permits and permits for home sales. The application for a permit shall include the name of the applicant who shall be a resident of the City, address, telephone number, length of residence within the City, nature of merchandise to be offered for sale, date of sale and hours and duration of the sale.
   (b)   The Public Service Director shall approve the application and shall regulate the hours of the home sale, except that no home sale shall be commenced earlier than 9:00 a. m. nor last later than 8:00 p.m.
   (c)   The Public Service Director shall charge a fee of one dollar ($1. 00) to the applicant.
   (d)   Every permittee conducting a home sale shall keep posted in a prominent place, upon the licensed premises, the permit certificate and shall exhibit same upon request.
(Ord. 116-77. Passed 10-24-77.)