(a)   Property which has been lost, abandoned, stolen or lawfully seized or forfeited and is in the custody of the Police Division shall be deposited and kept in a location designated by the Mayor. A record of all such property shall be maintained, which will include the name of the owner, if known, the person from whom received and the location where found with general circumstances. All property which is evidence shall be kept until it is no longer needed and then disposed of pursuant to this section.
   (b)   The Police Division shall make a reasonable effort to notify the person entitled to possession of property in its custody and indicate where such property may be claimed.
   (c)   A person loses any right he may have to title or possession of property when:
      (1)   It was the subject or was used in a conspiracy or attempt to commit, or the commission of an offense other than a traffic offense, and such person is a conspirator, accomplice or offender with respect to the offense.
      (2)   In light of the nature of the property or the circumstances of such person, it is unlawful for him to acquire or possess it.
   (d)   After thirty days all unclaimed and forfeited bicycles and after ninety days all other unclaimed and forfeited property in the custody of the Division of Police shall be disposed of as provided in this section or as ordered by the appropriate court having jurisdiction over the property.
      (1)   All drugs shall be destroyed.
      (2)   Firearms and dangerous ordnance suitable for police work may be retained by the Division of Police for that purpose. Firearms suitable for sporting use, museum pieces or collector's Items may be destroyed, donated to a private museum or traded in on new equipment or weapons or firearms to a police equipment supplier that has a valid current federal firearms license and is a factory firearms dealer. Weapons considered to be of a "Saturday Night Special" type shall be destroyed. Firearms traded in on new equipment or weapons or firearms, are to be traded for Police Division regulation issued equipment, weapons or firearms;
      (3)   Obscene materials shall be destroyed;
      (4)   Other unclaimed or forfeited property may be sold at public auction as directed by the Chief of Police or disposed of as the court considers proper under the circumstances.
   (e)   The proceeds from property shall be disposed of as follows:
      (1)   The proceeds from property sold at auction pursuant to this section shall be placed in the General Fund of the City.
      (2)   Those monies which have been lost, abandoned or stolen, and whose rightful owner cannot be identified and/or located pursuant to Ohio Revised Code and City ordinance shall be placed in the General Fund of the City.
   (f)   This section does not apply to the collection, storage or disposal of junk motor vehicles.
(Ord. 55-82. Passed 6-28-82; Ord. 50-01. Passed 4-23-01.)