(a)   The following uses or structures shall be screened by walls, fences, vegetation, and berming or a combination of any of these as approved by the Planning Commission:
      (1)   Outdoor storage.
      (2)   Trash receptacles.
      (3)   Mobile home parks.
      (4)   Multiple-family dwellings.
      (5)   Industrial and commercial uses abutting Residential Districts.
      (6)   Parking and loading areas.
   (b)   Fences and walls used for screening purposes shall meet the following conditions:
      (1)   Fences and walls shall have no openings for vehicular traffic or other purposes except as otherwise provided in this Zoning Code and except such openings as may be approved by the Planning Commission.
      (2)   Fences and walls shall be constructed of durable, weather-resistant, rustproof, and easily-maintained materials.
      (3)   Fences and walls may not be constructed with openings that exceed twenty percent of the surface.  The openings shall not reduce the obscuring effect and shall not reduce the minimum height requirement.
      (4)   The height of the required screening shall be as follows:
Buildings in Commercial Districts
4 1/2 feet
Buildings in Industrial Districts
6 feet
Multiple-Family Dwellings
4 1/2 feet
Outdoor Storage Areas
6 feet
Off-Street Parking Area
4 1/2 feet
Loading and Unloading Areas
6 feet
   (c)   Vegetation used for screening purposes shall meet the following conditions:
      (1)   Vegetation shall be comprised of one or more of the following upright conifers:  Blue, green, white, or Serbian spruce; Douglas fir; Austrian pine; juniper; hemlock; or cedar.
      (2)   Trees shall be planted fifteen feet on center and may have up to thirty- degree spacing.
      (3)   Trees shall not be less than five feet in height at the time of planting.
      (4)   Existing plant material that complies with the standards of this section, as determined by the Planning Commission, shall be credited toward meeting the screening requirements.
      (5)   All required plantings shall be maintained in a healthy, growing condition.  Any required plantings that are destroyed, removed, diseased, or die, shall be replaced within six months with plantings that meet the requirements of this section.  Failure to maintain required plantings in such a manner, including the removal and replacement of dead or diseased plant materials, shall constitute a violation of this Zoning Code.
      (6)   The plantings shall be maintained in a neat and attractive manner commensurate with the adjoining areas and shall maintain their density and screening effect throughout the calendar year.
   (d)   Berming used for screening purposes shall meet the following conditions:
      (1)   Berms shall be at least four feet, six inches in height, constructed with one foot of vertical rise for each three feet of horizontal rise.
      (2)   Berms shall be seeded with perennial rye and an appropriate grass seed and shall be covered with an organic mulch.
      (3)   Berms shall be landscaped with shrubbery and trees to enhance the screening effect and aesthetic appearance of the berm and shall be maintained in a neat and attractive manner.
   (e)   The Zoning Administrator may require the owner of property upon which a fence is to be constructed to establish lot lines upon said property, through the placing of permanent stakes located by a licensed surveyor.  Such lot line shall be established before such fence shall be erected, and the Zoning Administrator may withhold the issuance of the required permit until the lot lines are established and permanent stakes are placed.
   (f)   All fences shall be maintained by the property owner upon whose property the fence is erected.
(Ord. 52.  Passed 6-16-97.)