(a)   Prior to the approval of a special land use application, the Planning Commission shall ensure that the standards specified in this section, as well as applicable standards established elsewhere in this Zoning Code, shall be satisfied by the completion and operation of the special land use under consideration.
   (b)   The Planning Commission shall review the particular circumstances of the special land use request under consideration in terms of the following general standards and shall approve a special land use only upon finding that the proposed use complies with each of the following standards as well as all applicable standards established elsewhere in this Zoning Code:
      (1)   The special land use shall be designed, constructed, operated, and maintained in a manner harmonious with the character of adjacent property.
      (2)   The special land use shall not impair the essential character of the surrounding area.
      (3)   The special land use shall not be hazardous to the adjacent property or involve uses, activities, materials, or equipment that will be detrimental to the general health, safety, and welfare.
      (4)   The special land use shall not place demands on public services and facilities in excess of current capacities.
      (5)   The special land use complies with the City's master plan.
   (c)   Reasonable conditions may be required by the Planning Commission in conjunction with the approval of a special land use for ensuring that public services and facilities affected by the proposed land use or activity will be capable of accommodating increased services and facility loads caused by the land use or activity; for protecting the natural environment and conserving natural resources and energy; for ensuring compatibility with adjacent uses of land; for promoting the use of land in a socially and economically desirable manner; and for protecting natural resources and the public health, safety, and welfare of individuals who will use the land, those immediately adjacent, and the community as a whole. Conditions imposed shall be necessary to meet the intent and purpose of this Zoning Code and shall be related to the objective of ensuring compliance with applicable standards. All conditions imposed shall be made a part of the approved special land use permit and shall be enforced by the Zoning Administrator.
(Ord. 52. Passed 6-16-97; Ord. 04-2018. Passed 2-20-18.)