(a)   The development and execution of this Zoning Code are based upon the division of the City into districts, within which districts the use of land and structures and the bulk and location of structures in relation to the land is substantially uniform. It is recognized, however, that there are special uses which, because of their unique characteristics, cannot be properly classified in any particular district or districts without consideration, in each case, of the impact of those uses upon neighboring land and of the public need for particular use at the particular location. Such special uses fall into two categories:
      (1)   Uses publicly operated or traditionally affected with a public interest, such as public utilities facilities, public meeting buildings, and transportation facilities.
      (2)   Uses entirely private in character but of such an unusual nature that their operation may give rise to unique problems with respect to their impact upon neighboring property or public facilities, such as drive-in facilities, special medical care facilities, extraction of minerals, and neighborhood shopping facilities.
   (b)   The purpose of this chapter is to establish equitable procedures and criteria that shall be met before the following special land uses are permitted:
      (1)   Bed and breakfasts.
      (2)   Campgrounds and recreational vehicle parks.
      (3)   Child care centers.
      (4)   Communications towers.
      (5)   Drive-through or drive-in businesses.
      (6)   Educational services.
      (7)   Floodplain overlay district uses.
      (8)   Funeral homes.
      (9)   Fueling service stations.
      (10)   Golf courses and country clubs.
      (11)   Individual and family social services.
      (12)   Membership organizations and fraternal associations.
      (13)   Mini-storage self-storage warehouses.
      (14)   Motels or hotels.
      (15)   Motor vehicle repair.
      (16)   Municipally operated sanitary landfill.
      (17)   Nursing and personal care facilities.
      (18)   Landscape nurseries and landscaping contractors.
      (19)   Professional offices.
      (20)   Outdoor commercial recreation.
      (21)   Outdoor sales.
      (22)   Public and institutional uses.
      (23)   Public utility facilities.
      (24)   Salvage/junk yards.
      (25)   Sexually oriented businesses.
      (26)   State-licensed residential facilities (for seven persons or more).
      (27)   Upper floor dwellings.
      (28)   Single family dwelling conversions to multiple family dwelling units.
(Ord. 52. Passed 6-16-97; Ord. 04-2018. Passed 2-20-18.)