The Planning Commission shall make a decision to approve the request based on the following conditions:
   (a)   The Planning Commission may impose any other regulations which it deems necessary to protect the safety, health, and general welfare of the people of Reed City and shall have the authority to make any changes or alterations in submitted plans and modify any requirements and regulations herein prescribed, provided they are in the best public interest and such that the property may be developed in a reasonable manner; but in so doing, complying with other applicable provisions of this Zoning Code.
   (b)   The Planning Commission may impose reasonable conditions upon the approval of a site plan. The conditions may include, but are not limited to, conditions necessary to ensure that public services and facilities affected by a proposed land use or activity will be capable of accommodating increased service and facility loads caused by the land use or activity, to protect the natural environment and conserve natural resources and energy, to ensure compatibility with adjacent uses of land, and to promote the use of land in a socially and economically desirable manner. Conditions imposed shall meet all of the following requirements:
      (1)   The proposed use or structure appears to be in accordance with the intent of the zoning district in which it is located and is architecturally compatible with other conforming uses and structures in the district.
      (2)   The proposed use or structure is designed to protect natural resources; the health, safety, welfare, and social and economic well-being of those who will use the land use or activity under consideration; residents and landowners immediately adjacent to the proposed land use or activity; or the community as a whole.
      (3)   The proposed use or structure is related to the valid exercise of the police power.
      (4)   The proposed use or structure is necessary to meet the intent and purpose of this Zoning Code, related to the standards established in this Zoning Code for the land use or activity under consideration, and is necessary to ensure compliance with those standards.
      (5)   Adequate off-street parking and loading spaces in accordance with this Zoning Code shall be provided within 300 feet of the proposed use or structure. (Ord. 52. Passed 6-16-97.)