(a)   The applicant shall submit his or her proposal to the Zoning Administrator by letter which shall be accompanied by a sketch of the proposed use or structure.
   (b)   The Zoning Administrator shall provide the applicant with the proper documents and instructions for completion of a site plan application.
   (c)   The Planning Commission may adopt procedures to encourage preliminary, informal review of proposed site plans with the applicant. The preliminary review shall not, however, affect the applicability of the standards and requirements for formal approval of site plans as required by this chapter.
   (d)   The proposed site plan shall be submitted in five copies to the Zoning Administrator, who shall keep one copy and deliver four copies to the Secretary of the Planning Commission.
   (e)   Within sixty days of its submittal to the Zoning Administrator, the Planning Commission shall review the site plan and shall either approve, approve with conditions, or disapprove the proposed site plan in accordance with this chapter and applicable provisions of this Zoning Code. The basis for the decision and any conditions imposed relating to an affirmative decision shall be specified in the resolution of the Planning Commission approving or denying the site plan. If approved or approved with conditions, the site plan, as approved, shall become a part of the record of approval. After a decision of either approval or denial, the Planning Commission shall submit its action in writing to the applicant indicating either approval with any changes which were agreed upon by the Planning Commission, or denial with reasons for denial.
   (f)   Upon approval of a site plan, at least two copies of the site plan, as finally approved, shall be signed and dated by the Secretary of the Planning Commission. One copy of the signed site plan shall be kept on file with the Zoning Administrator, and the other shall be returned to the applicant.
   (g)   For all site plans prepared on a computer, a single diskette copy shall be provided to the Zoning Administrator in digital format.
(Ord. 52. Passed 6-16-97.)