The following proposed information must be shown and properly dimensioned:
   (a)   The location and height of all proposed structures on and within 100 feet of the subject property's boundary.
   (b)   The location and dimensions of all proposed drives, sidewalks, curb openings, signs, exterior lighting, curbing, parking areas (show dimensions of a typical parking space), unloading areas, recreational areas, common use areas, and areas to be conveyed for public use and purpose.
   (c)   The location, pavement width, and right-of-way width of all proposed roads, streets, alleys, or easements.
   (d)   Proposed zoning changes for the subject property or abutting properties.
   (e)   The proposed location, height, and types of fences, walls, and landscaping.
   (f)   The proposed location, extent, and character of all utilities, including proposed connections to public sewer or water systems.
   (g)   All proposed surface water drainage facilities.
   (h)   For multiple-family developments and parking areas with six or more spaces, altered contour intervals shall be shown (two-foot intervals for average slopes ten percent and under and five-foot intervals for slopes over ten percent). Contour changes, however, may be required on all site plans at the discretion of the Planning Commission. (Ord. 52. Passed 6-16-97.)