The Zoning Administrator will review the preliminary site plan and make recommendations to the Planning Commission. The Zoning Administrator may request review comments from other City officials such as Police Chief, Fire Chief, City Engineer, and Assessor, and base his or her recommendations on their comments as well as the purposes, objectives, and requirements in this Zoning Code, and specifically, the following considerations when applicable:
   (a)   Ingress and egress through the property and proposed structures thereon with particular reference to motor vehicle and pedestrian safety and convenience, traffic flow and control, and access in case of fires, catastrophe, or emergency.
   (b)   Off-street parking and loading areas where required, with particular attention to noise, glare, and odor effects of each use in the plan on adjoining properties and properties in the proposed development.
   (c)   Sewer, water, and storm drainage with reference to locations, availability, and compatibility.
   (d)   Screening and buffering with reference to type, dimensions, and character.
   (e)   Signs, if any, and their proposed lighting relative to glare, traffic safety, economic effect, and compatibility and harmony with adjoining properties.
   (f)   Required yards.
   (g)   General compatibility with adjacent properties.
   (h)   The general purposes and spirit of this Zoning Code and the general development plan of the City's master plan.
(Ord. 52. Passed 6-16-97.)