Preliminary plan review is voluntary and not mandatory. Preliminary sketches of proposed site and development plans may be submitted for review prior to final site plan submittal. The purpose of such procedure is to allow discussion between the applicant and the City to better inform the applicant of the acceptability of the proposed plan prior to incurring extensive engineering and other costs which might be necessary for final site plan approval. Such plans shall include the following as deemed necessary by the Zoning Administrator:
   (a)   Legal description of the property.
   (b)   Small-scale sketch of properties, streets, and use of land within one-half mile of the area.
   (c)   A generalized map showing any existing or proposed arrangement of:
      (1)   Streets.
      (2)   Lots.
      (3)   Access points.
      (4)   Other transportation arrangement.
      (5)   Buffer strips screening.
      (6)   Natural characteristics, including, but not limited to, open space, stands of trees, brooks, ponds, flood plains, hills, dune classifications, dune crests, and similar natural assets.
      (7)   Location and lighting of signs.
      (8)   Buildings.
   (d)   A narrative describing:
      (1)   The overall objectives of the proposed development.
      (2)   Number of acres allocated to each proposed use and gross area in buildings, structures, parking, public and/or private streets and drives, and open space.
      (3)   Dwelling unit densities by type.
      (4)   Proposed method of providing sewer and water service, as well as other public and private utilities.
      (5)   Proposed method of providing storm drainage.
      (6)   Proposed method of revegetating open sand areas, both pre-existing and newly created, to a stable condition.
   (e)   In addition to the above, said applicant shall submit the site plan review fee in accordance with the established fee schedule to cover the normal and specially incurred expenses of the review.
(Ord. 52. Passed 6-16-97.)