The construction, reconstruction, extension, enlargement, or movement of the following buildings, structures, and uses shall require site plan approval by the Planning Commission. The Zoning Administrator shall not issue a zoning permit for any land uses requiring a special use under this Zoning Code, or as required in this Zoning Code until a site plan has been reviewed and approved by the Planning Commission.
   (a)   Commercial buildings, structures and uses.
   (b)   Industrial buildings, structures and uses.
   (c)   Essential government services.
   (d)   Mobile home parks.
   (e)   Multi-family dwellings.
   (f)   Parking areas containing six or more parking spaces. Any expansion of existing parking areas containing six or more spaces shall require a site plan review if the parking area is within 100 feet of any Residential District or if ingress/egress or any other traffic circulation modifications are made.
   (g)   Planned unit developments (PUDs).
   (h)   Site condominium subdivisions.
(I)   Special land uses.
   (j)   If an existing permitted land use is changed to another permitted land use that requires additional parking according to the "Schedule of Parking Requirements," such additional parking shall be required, and site plan approval from the Planning Commission shall also be required.
      (Ord. 52. Passed 6-16-97.)