(a)   No monument or marker shall be erected on any lot or part thereof until said lot shall have been paid for in full and the deed therefor executed and delivered.
(Ord. 34.  Passed 10-20-75.)
   (b)   Only one monument will be permitted on any burial lot and only one marker per grave with the exception of government issued veterans markers.
(Ord. 34B.  Passed 4-5-76.)
   (c)   No monument or marker shall be erected without a concrete foundation under the direction and supervision of the Superintendent.
   (d)   All materials used in the construction, above the ground, of mausoleums, vaults, monuments, headstones and permanent lot markers, where permitted, must be recognized durable granite, marble or standard bronze. The use of sandstone, terra cotta, slate, artificial stone, wood or iron in any form is not permitted where exposed to the elements.
   (e)   No vault shall be built in any City cemetery until specifications for the same shall have been approved by the Cemetery Board.  The Board reserves the right to reject any or all plans or specifications.
   (f)   No landmarks or cornerstones indicating boundaries of lots shall be set above the surface of the ground.  They shall be set by the Superintendent, or under his or her direction, and shall not be altered or removed.
   (g)   Cement or gravel covered graves above the ground will not be permitted.
   (h)   No steps leading to lots will be permitted.
   (i)   No fences within any City cemetery either of wood or iron, nor coping or curbing of brick, stone or cement, will be permitted.
   (j)   If any marker, monument or mausoleum falls into disrepair, it may be removed by order of the Cemetery Board.
   (k)   The Superintendent is charged with the responsibility of inspecting and approving all materials used for monumental work before it can be brought into the cemetery grounds.
(Ord. 34.  Passed 10-20-75.)