(a)   All planting in any City cemetery shall be done in accordance with a definite plan of landscaping and under the supervision and direction of the Superintendent.
   (b)   All flowers planted on any grave shall be planted directly in front of a headstone, monument or foot stone, or at the head of the grave if there is no marker. Flower beds are to be cultivated and kept neat at all times. No artificial flowers or other items made of metal wires are permitted.
   (c)   The Superintendent or his or her agent shall remove all dead flowers, emblems or grave decorations when in his or her judgment and discretion said flowers, emblems or grave decorations shall be unsightly, and the Superintendent, his or her agent or the Cemetery Board shall not be liable or responsible for the return of said removed objects to the lot owner.
(Ord. 34.  Passed 10-20-75.)