(a)   Sleigh riding, snowmobiling, skiing, sliding down hill or sleighing within any City cemetery is prohibited.
   (b)   All persons are strictly prohibited from plucking any flowers, either wild or cultivated, except upon his or her own burial space, breaking trees, shrubs or plants or writing upon or defacing any monument, fence or structure within any City cemetery.
   (c)   All persons interested in any City cemetery should confine themselves to the walks and drives as much as possible. The practice of using a cemetery as a shortcut to and from school or work is prohibited. The Superintendent has the power to enforce this rule.
   (d)   The use of jars, bottles, jugs, etc., for cut flowers is discouraged. All containers for the use of flowers must be set flush with the ground.
   (e)   Metal flower urns, other than bronze, must be kept painted.
   (f)   Growing flowers in urns is not included in the perpetual care of any City cemetery.
   (g)   Vases, settees, chairs, baskets or other property left in any City cemetery are left at the risk of the owner thereof, and the Superintendent or the Cemetery Board shall not be responsible or liable for the loss, destruction or damage of said property.
   (h)   No tree or trees growing on any lot shall be trimmed or removed without the consent of the Superintendent or the Cemetery Board.
   (i)   No alcoholic beverages shall be consumed upon the cemetery premises.
   (j)   No person shall trespass on any lot or burial space within any City cemetery.
   (k)   It shall be unlawful for anyone to be upon the premises of any City cemetery during the period from sunset until sunrise of each day (except for employees of the City of Reed City in connection with their duties), unless permission is granted by the Cemetery Board.
(Ord. 34. Passed 10-20-75.)