(a)   Previous to burial of any body a burial permit must be furnished the Superintendent giving the name, place of death, residence, sex and age of the person to be interred. Funeral directors must comply with this section. No burial permit shall be required for the burial of cremated remains.  (Ord. 34C.  Passed 4-4-77.)
   (b)   All applications for burials shall be made to the Superintendent in time to allow twelve working hours to prepare the grave for burial. The owner of the lot or grave or the person ordering the grave prepared for burial shall designate the location of the grave to be opened when application for burial is made.
   (c)   Funeral directors ordering the opening of any grave or work of any kind will be required to pay for said work in advance .
   (d)   The owner of any burial space in any City cemetery shall have the right of burial of the dead only and shall allow no interments for remuneration. All interments in burial spaces shall be restricted to members of the family and immediate relatives of the owner thereof, unless special permission by the owner is filed in writing in the office of the City Clerk, with the consent of the City Manager endorsed thereon.
   (e)   The City Clerk shall keep proper records in which the deeds to all burial spaces shall be recorded at length. In connection with all such records, the City Clerk shall also keep a general index in which shall be noted alphabetically the name of the party or parties to every such instrument of conveyance.
   (f)   The City Manager shall charge and cause to be collected on behalf of the City, such fees for work performed in the City cemeteries as may be from time to time fixed by the City Council. All such fees shall be paid to the City Clerk or his or her agent. No person other than an employee of the City, acting under the direction of the City Manager, shall dig or open any grave, nor shall any person grade or fill in a burial space or otherwise do any work in connection therewith, unless such work is done under supervision of the City employee in charge of such cemetery.
   (g)   All interments must be made under the supervision of the Superintendent and at his or her direction.
   (h)   No body interred shall be disinterred, except by permission of the Cemetery Board.
   (i)   Parties ordering disinterment must furnish a concrete or steel vault. All disinterments are subject to the cemetery service charges, and satisfactory arrangements for payment thereof must be made with the City Clerk before permits for interments are issued.
   (j)   All funeral processions in any City cemetery shall be under the sole control of the Superintendent.
(Ord. 34.  Passed 10-20-75.)
   (k)   The Cemetery Board has fixed service charges for the following special services:
      (1)   The opening and closing of graves
      (2)   Disinterment and reinterment in the same cemetery
      (3)   Disinterment and removal to another cemetery
(The above three charges vary for infants or adults.)
      (4)   Grading or sodding the grave or lot
      (5)   Cemetery vault rental
      (6)   Snow removal at cost of removal
(The charge for these services may be ascertained from the Superintendent or the City Clerk. Cemetery service charges are subject to change or revision at any regular or special meeting of the Cemetery Board.)(Adopting Ordinance)
   (l)   From and after the adoption of these rules and regulations all burials shall be made in a steel, cement or fiberglass vault, except that vaults shall not be required for the burial of premature infants, infants less than one year old, or cremated remains.
(Ord. 34C.  Passed 4-4-77.)