(a)   Removal of Encroachment.  Encroachments and obstructions in the street may be removed and excavations refilled and the expense of such removal or refilling charged to the abutting land owner when made or permitted by him or her or suffered to remain by him or her, otherwise than in accordance with the terms and conditions of this chapter. The procedure for collection of such expenses shall be as prescribed in Chapter 11 of the City Charter.
(1981 Code § 4.46)
   (b)   Temporary Street Closings.  The City Manager shall have authority to temporarily close any street, or portion thereof, when he or she shall deem such street to be unsafe or temporarily unsuitable for use for any reason. He or she shall cause suitable barriers and signs to be erected on said street, indicating that the same is closed to public travel. When any street or portion thereof shall have been closed to public travel, no person shall drive any vehicle upon or over said street except as the same may be necessary incidental to any street repair or construction work being done in the area closed to public travel. No person shall move or interfere with any sign or barrier erected pursuant to this section without authority from the City Manager.
(1981 Code § 4.47)
   (c)   Depositing Snow.  No person shall push, shovel, blow or plow or by any other means deposit any snow upon or across the travelled portion of any City street or alley in the City of Reed City.
   No snow shall be deposited on sidewalks or within fifteen feet of any fire hydrant.
   Snow shall not be placed where it will create a traffic hazard or obstruct vision at any street or alley intersection.
   However, snow from the sidewalks on Upton Street between Park Street and the White Pine Trail right of way, on Chestnut between Slosson Street and the Pere Marquette Trail right of way and on Higbee Street between Slosson Street and Franklin Street may be deposited in the street next to the curb.