A.   The planning commission shall have the authority to approve, conditionally approve or deny an application for a CUP. In instances when an application for a CUP is processed concurrently with other land use entitlements requiring action by the city council, the planning commission shall make a recommendation on the CUP application to the city council.
   B.   A public hearing shall be held by the planning commission after a complete application has been filed and legally required notice has been given for the hearing. Notice of the hearing shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation and be mailed to owners of property within a radius of three hundred feet (300') of the external boundaries of the property described in the application not less than ten (10) days before the date set for the commission hearing. For this purpose, the name and address of such owners shall be as shown on the latest official assessors roll of the county.
   C.   At the public hearing, the planning commission shall review the application and statements, plans and drawings submitted therewith and shall review evidence concerning the proposed use and the proposed conditions under which the use would be operated and maintained. The planning commission shall make findings and its decision on whether to approve or deny the application based upon substantial evidence in the form of verbal or written testimony presented during the public hearing. (Ord. 2503 § 1, 2003)