1.22.080: APPEAL:
   A.   Any recipient of an administrative citation may contest the citation.
      1.   Time To File Request For Hearing: A recipient must file a request for hearing form with the City Clerk within fifteen (15) days of the date of the citation. If the citation is simultaneously mailed, the date to file the request is extended five (5) days from the date the citation was last mailed.
      2.   Advance Deposit Required: On or before the date that the request for hearing form is filed, the amount of the fine must be paid to the City or a hardship waiver application approved.
   B.   The City Attorney may review the citation prior to the hearing and may dismiss or approve the citation. If the City Attorney dismisses the citation, the applicant shall be notified that the citation has been dismissed and that there is no need for a hearing.
   C.   The person requesting the hearing shall be notified by regular mail of the time and place set for the appeal no less than ten (10) days prior to the date of the hearing.
   D.   No less than ten (10) days prior to the hearing, the administrative citation recipient shall be served by regular mail a notice stating the time, date, and location of the hearing, a copy of the Enforcement Officer's report, and all documents submitted to the Administrative Hearing Officer. (Ord. 2792, 2013)