General Provisions   18.04
Fair Housing Reasonable Accommodations For Persons With Disabilities   18.06
Definitions And Construction   18.08
Administrative Provisions   18.12
Districts And Zoning Map   18.16
Marijuana   18.18
A-1 Agricultural District   18.20
A-1-20 Agricultural District   18.21
A-2 Estate Agricultural District   18.24
R-R Rural Residential District   18.28
R-R-A Rural Residential Animals District   18.29
R-A Residential Estate District   18.32
R-A-A Residential Estate Animals District   18.33
R-E Residential Estate District   18.36
R-S Suburban Residential District   18.40
R-1 Single-Family Residential District   18.44
R-1-D Single-Family Residential District   18.48
R-2 Multiple-Family Residential District   18.52
R-2-2000 Multiple-Family Residential District   18.56
R-3 Multiple-Family Residential District   18.60
A-P Administrative And Professional Office District   18.64
MF Medical Facility District   18.68
T Transitional District   18.72
E Educational District   18.76
C-D Civic Design District   18.80
A-P-C Administrative-Professional-Commercial District   18.82
C-1 Neighborhood Stores District   18.84
C-2 Neighborhood Convenience Center District   18.88
C-3 General Commercial District   18.92
C-4 Highway Commercial District   18.96
C-M Commercial Industrial District   18.100
M-P Planned Industrial District   18.104
M-1 Light Industrial District   18.108
I-P Industrial District   18.112
M-2 General Industrial District   18.116
P Off Street Parking District   18.120
O Open Land District   18.124
A-D Airport District   18.128
Airport Flight Zones   18.132
FP Floodplain District   18.136
HD Hillside Development District   18.138
Mobilehome Parks   18.140
PRD Planned Residential Development Regulations   18.144
Supplementary District Regulations   18.148
Exceptions   18.152
Development Provisions For Specific Uses   18.156
Home Occupations   18.160
Parking And Loading Space Requirements   18.164
Landscaping, Fences, Walls And Signs   18.168
Small Residential Rooftop And Other
Solar Energy Systems   18.172
Dish Antenna Installation   18.176
Wireless Service Facilities   18.178
Moving Of Buildings   18.180
Nonconforming Buildings And Uses   18.184
Building Permits And Certificates Of Occupancy   18.188
Alcohol Beverage Sales Establishment Regulations   18.190
Conditional Use Permits   18.192
Administrative Use Permit   18.193
Temporary Holiday Sales Facilities   18.194
Temporary Sales And Special Event
Facilities   18.195
Variances And Modifications   18.196
Change Of Zone   18.200
Amendments   18.204
Enforcement   18.208
Land Development Standards   18.212
Redlands Parking And Business Improvement Areas (Rep. by Ord. 2760, 2011)   18.216
Development Agreements   18.220
Transportation Control Measures   18.224
Adult Oriented Businesses   18.226
Density Bonus   18.228
Surface Mining And Land Reclamation   18.266
18.04.010: Title For Citation
18.04.020: Purpose Of Provisions
18.04.030: Continuation Of Regulations
18.04.040: Existing Uses
18.04.050: Existing Lots
18.04.060: Public Utilities And Public Services
The ordinance codified herein shall be known as the LAND USE ZONING ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF REDLANDS. (Ord. 1000 § 2, 1955)
An official land use zoning ordinance for the city is hereby adopted and established as is hereinafter set forth in this title, in order to encourage the most appropriate use of land; to conserve and stabilize the value of property; to provide adequate open spaces for light and air, and to prevent and permit adequate control of fires; to prevent undue concentration of population; to lessen congestion on streets; to facilitate adequate provision for community facilities and utilities, including transportation, water supply, sewage disposal, schools, parks and other public requirements which tend to promote the health, safety and public welfare; all in accordance with a comprehensive plan for the orderly development of the city and its environs. (Ord. 1000 § 1, 1955)
The provisions of this title, insofar as they are substantially the same as existing ordinances relating to the same subject matter, shall be construed as restatements and continuations and not as new enactments. The adoption of the ordinance codified herein shall not constitute a validation of any use not conforming with the provisions of the zone in which it is located. (Ord. 1000 § 3, 1955)
18.04.040: EXISTING USES:
The existing use, or uses, of all buildings, improvements and premises not in conformity with the standards or requirements of the land use zoning district in which they are located, in accordance with the provisions of this title, and which uses are legal, or for which permits, variances or conditional exceptions were granted under previous zoning ordinances, may continue as nonconforming uses or variances, as defined in this title, and subject to the provisions regulating such nonconforming uses. (Ord. 1000 § 4, 1955)
18.04.050: EXISTING LOTS:
The area and dimension provisions of the sections dealing with property development standards shall apply to all lots; provided, however, that where a lot has a width or area less than that required in the zoning district of which it is a part, and was held under separate ownership or was of record at the time the ordinance codified in this title became effective, such lot may be occupied by the uses permitted in the district, subject to the area per dwelling unit and yard requirements, and such other regulations as apply uniformly to all lots in that district. (Ord. 1000 § 5, 1955)
The provisions of this title shall not be so construed as to limit or interfere with the construction, installation, operation and maintenance, for public utility purposes, of water and gas pipes, mains and conduits, electric light and electric power transmission and distribution lines, telephone and telegraph lines, oil pipelines, sewers and sewer mains, and incidental appurtenances. (Ord. 1000 § 11, 1955)