18A.1   Definitions
   18A.2   Findings
   18A.3   Purpose
   18A.4   General applicability of chapter standards
   18A.5   Conformance with county waste disposal plan
   18A.6   Local enforcement agency
   18A.7   Responsibility for compliance
   18A.8   Franchises
   18A.9   Franchise fee
   18A.10   Storage of solid waste
   18A.11   Building design specifications and construction requirement for anticipated handling of solid waste disposal
   18A.12   Maintenance of storage containers
   18A.13   Container specifications
   18A.14   Identification of containers
   18A.15   Tampering with container wastes
   18A.16   Mandatory service
   18A.17   Discontinuing service upon vacancy
   18A.18   Ownership of waste materials
   18A.19   Solid waste collection
   18A.20   Burying or burning solid waste prohibited
   18A.21   Littering prohibited
   18A.22   Public litter receptacles
   18A.23   Clearing of refuse or litter from private property by city
   18A.24   Right of entry
   18A.25   Constitutionality
   18A.26   Violations
   18A.27   Permits required
   18A.28   Criteria and standards
   18A.29   Billing for services
   18A.30   Collection rates
   18A.31   Rules and regulations; appeal process
   18A.32   Unlawful action/penalty