(A)   The duties shall be as follows: The Administrative Assistant shall be the City Hall receptionist which duties include greeting the public and answering the telephone. Other duties shall include typing, filing, issuing licenses, Auditorium rental, assisting in keeping the accounts and records, bill for, and collect all money to be received by the municipality's system of utilities and sewer; and shall perform such other duties and administrative acts for the municipality as may be requested or directed by the City Clerk/Treasurer, City Administrator, or the Mayor, or as may hereafter be prescribed, by resolution or motion, by the City Council, excepting, however, those functions, duties, and acts as may otherwise be expressly required by this Municipal Code or the statutes of the State of Nebraska to be done, performed, or carried out by the City Clerk/Treasurer or other appointed officer of the municipality.
   (B)   The Administrative Assistant shall provide a bond conditioned upon the faithful discharge of duties which shall amount not be less than the amount set by resolution of the City Council and on file in the office of the Clerk/Treasurer.
(Ord. 2007-O-010, passed 3-19-07)