(A)   There is hereby established in the City of Ravenna the office of City Administrator. The City Administrator shall be the chief administrative officer of the city and shall serve as administrative agent for the Mayor and City Council in the supervision of the offices and good government of the city. All the departments of the city shall be under the administrative supervision and direction of the City Administrator, and the Mayor and Council shall deal with all departments of the city and employees through the City Administrator.
   (B)   The office of City Administrator shall be filled by appointment of the Mayor by and with the consent of the majority of the City Council and shall serve at their pleasure. The City Administrator need not be a resident of the city at the time of appointment, but shall become a resident or become relocated to within one mile of the city limits within such reasonable time as the Council and Mayor may allow. The City Administrator shall receive such compensation and allowances as the Mayor and Council may prescribe.
(Ord. 2005-O-001, passed 3-21-05)