The Building Inspector shall conduct surveys and make inspections in any area of the municipality to determine whether all buildings and structures are in compliance with the municipal ordinances.  He or she shall investigate all complaints whether they are verbal, written, or in the form of a petition alleging, and charging that a violation of the municipal ordinances exists, and that a building, or structure is unfit, or unsafe for human habitation.  The Building Inspector is authorized upon properly identifying himself to enter, inspect, survey, and investigate between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., or at any time if an emergency exists, or if requested by the owner, or occupant thereof.  He or she shall keep records of all complaints received, inspection reports, orders, and complaints issued.  The records shall be available for public inspection, and he shall prepare an annual report including statistics based on the records kept.  The Building Inspector shall have no financial interest in the furnishing of labor, materials, or appliances for the construction, alteration, or maintenance of a building, except where he or she is the owner of a building, and he or she shall not act as an agent for any dealer, or as an agent for the sale, lease, or rental of any real estate.  The Building Inspector shall report to the governing body as often as they may deem necessary, and shall have such other duties, and issue such permits as they may direct. The Building Inspector may be removed at any time for good and sufficient cause by the governing body.
(`77 Code, § 1-216)