The duties shall be as follows: The Planning Director is to direct and administer the city's planning program which involves the formulation, installation, modification and improvement of plans for the city's physical and social development. This official acts as technical advisor to the Planning Commission and as technical advisor to the City Administrator, City Council and city officials on matters relating to planning and development. He or she prepares and administers plans within the policies of the Planning Commission and City Council, prepares and proposes long range plans, including but not limited to capital improvement and infrastructure improvement plans. He or she supervises the preparation and/or revision of the comprehensive plan, zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, and city zoning and plat maps. He or she represents the Planning Commission at public meetings and at conferences with other public and private groups. He or she gives advice to and cooperates with municipal officials, major developers, and community organizations in connection with new or contemplated major projects and coordinates construction projects with long-range capital improvement programs and future land use plans. He or she responds to requests for information from city departments, officials, private developers, and the general public regarding land use and regulations and municipal planning issues. He or she coordinates Planning Commission meetings and related task forces, prepare agendas, conduct studies and prepare reports and recommendations; and carries out Commission and Council decisions.
(Ord. 2006-O-38, passed 12-4-06; Am. Ord. 2006-O-041, passed 12-18-06)