All additions, lots, lands, subdivisions, and parcels of ground included within the official municipal map, and plat on file at the office of the County Register of Deeds, having been by act or ordinance of the City Council or by law duly annexed to or made a part of this municipality or having been by the act, authority, acquiescence, consent, platting, and dedication of their respective owners, created either as the original townsite or as additions to the municipality are hereby declared to be within the corporate limits of the municipality.  Lawfully constituted additions or changes in the municipal limits shall be indicated upon such map and plat by the Municipal Engineer after such addition or change has been  completed in accordance with the ordinances of this municipality and the laws of the State of Nebraska.
(`77 Code, § 11-101)
Statutory reference:
   Annexation of territory, see Neb. RS 17-405 through 17-412