(A)   In the event it is claimed that the true intent and meaning of this chapter has been wrongly interpreted by the Building Inspector, that the time allowed for compliance with any order of the Building Inspector is too short, or that conditions peculiar to a particular building make it unreasonably difficult to meet the literal requirements prescribed by this chapter and by the Building Inspector, the owner, his or her agent, or the occupant may file a notice of appeal within ten days after the decision or order of the Building Inspector has been made.  The City Council shall hear all appeals and shall have the power and authority, when appealed to, to modify the decision or order of the Building Inspector.  Such a decision shall be final, subject only to any remedy which the aggrieved person may have at law or equity.  Applications for review shall be in writing and shall state the reasons why the variance should be made.  A variance shall be granted only where it is evident that reasonable safety and sanitation is assured and may include conditions not generally specified by this code to achieve that end.
   (B)   A copy of any variance so granted shall be sent to both the Building Inspector and the applicant.
(`77 Code, § 9-104)