§ 150.20  REGULATIONS.
   It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to move any building or structure within the municipality without a written permit to do so.  Application may be made to the Municipal Clerk/Treasurer and shall include the present and future location of the building to be moved, the proposed route, the equipment to be used, and such other information as the City Council may require.  The application shall be accompanied by a certificate issued by the County Treasurer to the effect that all the provisions regulating the moving of buildings have been complied with on the part of the owner of the real estate upon which the building is presently located.  The Municipal Clerk/Treasurer shall refer the application to the municipal police for approval of the proposed route over which the building is to be moved.  Upon approval of the municipal police, the Municipal Clerk/Treasurer shall then issue the permit, provided that a good and sufficient corporate surety bond, check, or cash in an amount set by motion of the City Council and conditioned upon moving the building without doing damage to any private or municipal property is filed with the Municipal Clerk/Treasurer prior to the granting of any permit.  No moving permit shall be required to move a building that is ten feet wide or less, and 20 feet long or less, and when in a position to move, 15 feet high or less.  In the event it will be necessary for any licensed building mover to interfere with the telephone or telegraph poles and wires, or a gas line, the company or companies owning, using, or operating the poles, wires, or line shall upon proper notice of at least 24 hours, be present and assist by disconnecting the poles, wires, or line relative to the building moving operation.  All expense of the disconnection, removal, or related work shall be paid in advance by the licensee unless such disconnection or work is furnished on different terms as provided in the company's franchise.  Whenever the moving of any building necessitates interference with a water main, sewer main, pipes, or wire belonging to the municipality, notice in writing of the time and route of the building moving operation shall be given to the various municipal officials in charge of the municipal utility departments who shall proceed in behalf of the municipality and at the expense of the mover to make such disconnections and do such work as is necessary.
(`77 Code, § 9-301)  Penalty, see § 10.99
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