(A)   The Municipal Attorney is the municipality’s legal advisor, and as such he or she shall commence, prosecute, and defend all suits on behalf of the municipality.  When requested by the City Council, he or she shall attend meetings of the City Council and shall advise any municipal official in all matters of law in which the interests of the municipality may be involved.  He or she shall draft such ordinances, bonds, contracts, and other writings as may be required in the administration of the affairs of the municipality.  He or she shall examine all bonds, contracts, and documents on which the City Council will be required to act and attach thereto a brief statement in writing to all such instruments and documents as to whether or not the document is in legal and proper form.  He or she shall prepare complaints, attend, and prosecute violations of the municipal ordinances when directed to do so by the City Council.
   (B)   Without direction, he or she shall appear and prosecute all cases for violation of the municipal ordinances that have been appealed to and are pending in any higher court.  He or she shall also examine, when requested to do so by the City Council, the ordinance records and advise and assist the Municipal Clerk/Treasurer  as much as may be necessary to the end that each procedural step will be taken in the passage of each ordinance to insure it will be a valid and subsisting local law in so far as its passage and approval are concerned.
   (C)   The City Council shall have the right to compensate the Municipal Attorney for legal services on such terms as the City Council and the Municipal Attorney may agree, and to employ any additional legal assistance as may be necessary out of the funds of the municipality.
(`77 Code, § 1-207)  (Am. Ord. 2006-O-42, passed 12-18-06)
Statutory reference:
   Authorizing and similar provisions, see Neb. RS 17-610