(A)   The Deputy City Clerk shall keep the accounts and records, bill for, collect all money to be received by the municipality on account of the municipality’s system of waterworks and shall faithfully account for and pay over to the Municipal Clerk/Treasurer  all such money collected in the name of the municipality and receive a receipt from the Municipal Clerk/Treasurer  for the depository evidence of the faithful discharge of this duty.  This receipt shall then be filed with the City Clerk/Treasurer, and the second copy shall be kept by the Municipal Water Commissioner.
   (B)   The Deputy City Clerk shall make a detailed report to the City Council at least once every six months showing the amount of receipts on account thereof for the preceding six months.  In addition to the foregoing, the Deputy City Clerk shall perform such other duties and administrative acts for the municipality as may be requested or directed by the City Clerk/Treasurer or the Mayor or as may hereafter be prescribed, by resolution or motion, by the City Council, excepting, however, those functions, duties, and acts as may otherwise be expressly required by this municipal code or the statutes of the State of Nebraska to be done, performed, or carried out by the City Clerk/Treasurer or other appointed officer of the municipality.
   (C)   The Deputy City Clerk, who may be removed from office at any time by the Mayor, shall provide a bond conditioned upon the faithful discharge of his or her duties which shall amount to not less than the amount set by resolution or motion of the City Council and on file in the office of the City Clerk/Treasurer.
(`77 Code, 1-220)  (Ord. 478, passed 7-13-90; Am. Ord. 2006-O-42, passed 12-18-06)