(A)   (1)   The Mayor, with the consent of the City Council, may appoint such officers as shall be required by ordinance or otherwise required by law.
      (2)   The Mayor, by and with the consent of the City Council, shall appoint such a number of regular police officers as may be necessary.
      (3)   The City Council may establish and provide for the appointment of members of a law enforcement reserve force as provided by law.
   (B)   All police officers and other appointed officials may be removed at any time by the Mayor, except that if the municipality has a municipal Water Commissioner, he or she may at any time, for sufficient cause, be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the City Council.
(`77 Code, § 1-201)  (Ord. 360, passed 7-10-78; Am. Ord. 1997-O-004, passed 5-21-97)
Statutory reference:
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