(A)   All persons desiring to bury a deceased person shall first be required to file a completed death certificate with the Bureau of Vital Statistics before any body may be buried in the municipal cemetery.
   (B)   If it is impossible to complete the certificate of death within the legal period of time prescribed by state law, the funeral director shall notify the Bureau of the reason for the delay and file the certificate as soon as possible.  The burial permit so issued by the Bureau shall then be filed with the Municipal Clerk/Treasurer.
   (C)   (1)   It shall be unlawful for the sexton or other person to allow the interment of a body without first receiving such permit.  The burial permit shall then be countersigned and dated by the sexton.
      (2)   The interment of any body shall be performed under the direct supervision of a licensed funeral director.  The applicant shall also file with the burial permit an application containing the name, age, sex, race, and cause of death of the deceased person for the records of the Cemetery Board.
      (3)   Upon completion of the requirements herein, the Municipal Clerk/Treasurer shall then issue a municipal burial permit which shall entitle the applicant to bury a deceased person in the municipal cemetery.
   (D)   In the event that the removal of the body of any deceased person is requested, the Municipal Clerk/Treasurer shall issue no permit until the applicant shall have first complied with the laws of the State of Nebraska with respect to such disinterment.
(`77 Code, § 3-807)
Statutory reference:
   Death certificate general requirements, see Neb. RS 71-605