§ 91.02  SEXTON.
   (A)   The Cemetery Board, subject to the approval of the City Council, shall have the authority to appoint a Sexton who shall perform such duties and make such reports as the Cemetery Board shall direct, and to employ such labor and assistants as the Cemetery Board may deem necessary from persons not belonging to the Board. It shall be the duty of the Sexton, upon receiving a burial permit, to locate and direct the party named in the permit to the lot mentioned therein and to dig and excavate or cause the same to be dug or excavated, in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Cemetery Board.
   (B)   The Cemetery Sexton shall receive compensation for his/her services and said compensation shall be payable on the same bi-monthly schedule as all other city employees. Compensation shall be $400 for full grave opening and $100 for cremation/child grave opening and such rate of compensation can be amended by resolution.
(`77 Code, § 3-802)  (Am. Ord. 2013-O-020, passed 10-7-13)
Statutory reference:
   Authority to contract, see Neb. RS 12-403