Stop and Through Streets
   72.01   Through streets
   72.02   One-way streets or alleys
   72.03   Stop streets
   72.04   Yield right-of-way streets
   72.05   Posting signs
Driving Rules Generally
   72.20   State Vehicle Code; rules of the road adopted
   72.21   Driving rules
   72.22   Duty to report accident
   72.23   Transporting liquor in vehicles
   72.24   Excessive noise
   72.25   Reckless, negligent or careless driving; aggravated
   72.26   Street racing; aggravated street racing
   72.27   One-way roadways and rotary traffic islands
   72.28   Driving on roadways laned for traffic
   72.29   Driving on the shoulder
   72.30   Following too closely
   72.31   Seat safety belts
   72.32   Driver and passenger required to use safety belts; exceptions
Passing and Overtaking
   72.45   Drive on right side of roadway; exceptions
   72.46   Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions
   72.47   Overtaking a vehicle on the left
   72.48   When overtaking on the right is permitted
   72.49   Limitations on overtaking on the left
   72.50   Further limitations on driving to the left of center of roadway
   72.51   No passing zones
Turning Movements
   72.65   Required position and method of turning
   72.66   When signal required
   72.67   Signal by hand or arm or signal device
   72.68   Method of giving hand and arm signals
   72.69   Vehicle turning left