(A)   An unattended vehicle stopped, standing or parked, or occupying any portion of any street in violation of this subchapter is hereby declared to be a nuisance, which may be abated by any police officer by impounding the vehicle to be removed and conveying the vehicle or by causing the vehicle to be removed and conveyed to a vehicle pound. A vehicle pound is hereby declared to be any suitable place designated by the Police Department of the city as a vehicle pound. The owner or operator of the vehicle may have the same removed from the impoundment by paying the costs and expenses of the towage and impounding of the vehicle, together with all fines and penalties.
   (B)   In all cases of violations herein referred to, the right to impound shall be in addition to any other remedy provided by law, and the registered owner of the vehicle at the time of the violation shall be presumed to be the violator, as well as the vehicle itself, and the actual operator thereof. Whenever any vehicle while being used without the consent of the owner shall be stopped, standing or parking in violation of any of the provisions of this subchapter, the owner shall not be subject to the penalty for the violations.
(1980 Code, § 14.703)  Penalty, see § 91.999