§ 91.150  SNOW ON STREETS.
   It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to park or allow to remain, a motor vehicle or any other vehicle, on any of the following described streets in the city for a period of 24 hours or until the snow emergency is declared ended by the Mayor or the Director of Central Services whenever there is an accumulation of three or more inches of snow.
Seminary Road
Twelfth to Eighteenth
Locust Street
Third to Twenty-Fourth
Chestnut Street
Third to Thirtieth
Oak Street
Third to Thirtieth
Vermont Street
Third to Twenty-Fourth
Hampshire Street
Third to Twenty-Fourth
Maine Street
Third to Forty-Eighth
Jersey Street
Third to Fourteenth
York Street
Third to Twelfth
State Street
Third to east city limits
Jefferson Street
Front to Twenty-Fourth
Jackson Street
Third to Twenty-Fourth
Harrison Street
Sixth to Eighth
Harrison Street
Twelfth to Forty-Eighth
Gardner Expressway
South city limits to York
Bluff Road
Fifth to Twelfth
Spruce Street
Third to Twenty-Fourth
Cedar Street
Twenty-Fourth to Twenty-Eighth
Lyric Lane
Rhapsody Road
Lyric Lane to Harmony Hill
Harmony Hill
Melodie Lane
Melodie North to Thirty-Sixth
Melodie North
College Avenue
Thirtieth to Thirty-Sixth
Lindell Avenue
Thirtieth to Thirty-Sixth
Columbus Road
Thirty-Sixth to Pawn Avenue
Bayview Drive to Third
Holiday Drive
Thirty-Sixth to Maine
Monroe Street
Twenty-Fourth to Twenty-Eighth
Cherry Lane
Wilmar Drive to Twenty-Fourth
Klondike Road
Eighth to St. Charles Drive
St. Charles Drive
Klondike Road to Twelfth
West Granview
Harrison to S. Granview
South Granview
W. Granview to Granview Dr
Granview Drive
S. Granview to Harrison
Curtis Creek Road
Harrison to Midlan Drive
Midlan Drive
Curtis Creek to Twenty-Eighth
Woodside Drive
Twenty-Eighth to Thirtieth
Wilmar Drive
Harrison to Cherry Lane
East Avenue
Maine to York
Bayview Drive
Broadway to Bluff Road
Elm Street
Twelfth to Thirtieth
Front Street
Jefferson to Broadway
Third Street
Locust to York
Fourth Street
Jefferson to Locust
Fifth Street
Jersey to Broadway
Fifth Street
Jefferson to Washington
Sixth Street
Harrison to Broadway
Seventh Street
Jersey to Broadway
Eighth Street
South Park to Locust
Ninth Street
Main to Broadway
Tenth Street
Broadway to Locust
Twelfth Street
South City Limits to Locust
Sixteenth Street
Seminary Road to Harrison
Eighteenth Street
Harrison to Seminary Road
Twentieth Street
Jefferson to Jackson
Twenty-Second Street
Locust to Broadway
Twenty-Second Street
York to Harrison
Twenty-Fourth Street
Locust to Cherry Lane
Twenty-Seventh Street
Broadway to Maine
Twenty-Eighth Street
Broadway to Cedar
Twenty-Eighth Street
Monroe to Harrison
Twenty-Eighth Street
Midlan Drive to Woodside Drive
Thirtieth Street
Chestnut to State
Thirtieth Street
Woodside Drive to Harrison
Thirty-Sixth Street
State to north city limits
South Park Road
Twelfth to Front Street
Eleventh Street
Broadway to Oak
(1980 Code, § 14.701)  (Ord. 9166, passed 3-22-2010; Ord. 9236, passed 6-17-2013)  Penalty, see § 91.999