§ 91.132  OPENINGS.
   (A)   All openings through the sidewalk or street into any vault, space, room or structure shall be kept covered and guarded. If the opening is a manhole or trap door, an adequate, strong metal cover must be provided and must be equipped with a rough surface and be flush with the sidewalk so that there will be no danger of any pedestrian slipping on it. If a stairway is provided, the stairway must be properly guarded with a railing at least three feet high to protect pedestrians from injury.
   (B)   No trap door, manhole or other opening in any street, sidewalk, parkway, alley or other public place shall be permitted to be or remain open unless it is guarded while open by sufficient barricades to prevent injury to persons or property.
   (C)   The Council may authorize the Director of Utilities and Engineering to close up any vault, space, room, opening or structure.
(1980 Code, § 14.603)  Penalty, see § 91.999