(A)   Any person, firm or corporation making or maintaining any opening, excavation or tunnel in any street or alley shall keep the same adequately guarded by barricades and lights to protect persons and property from injury.
   (B)   All barricades shall have at least two yellow lights on each barricade and there shall be barricades on both sides of any and all excavations or openings in the streets and the person, partnership or corporation who makes the excavation or opening shall be responsible for the proper placing or barricade and lanterns in accordance with this subchapter. “No Parking” signs shall be placed by the person, corporation or partnership who makes the excavations on the curbs at both sides of the streets where the excavation is made for a distance of at least 30 feet on each side of the opening.
(1980 Code, § 14.308)  Penalty, see § 91.999