(A)   (1)   It shall be unlawful to deposit on any street or alley any material which may be harmful to the pavement thereof, or any waste material, or any glass or other articles which may do injury to any person, vehicle, animal or property.
      (2)   Lots shall be so graded and seeded so as to prevent wasting of mud or dirt on any street.
   (B)   Coal or other materials may be deposited in streets preparatory to delivery or use provided the deposit does not reduce the useable width of the roadway at that point to less than 18 feet; provided further that the material or coal, other than material to be used in actual building construction, shall not be permitted to remain on the street for more than three hours.
   (C)   Any material or coal shall be guarded by lights if the same remains upon any street after night time.
(1980 Code, § 14.114)  Penalty, see § 91.999