(A)   Establishment of office. It has been hereby established that the rank of Assistant Chief has been removed from the collective bargaining agreement. The Assistant Fire Chief positions shall be filled according to procedures established in accordance with the Illinois Fire Department Promotion Act, ILCS Ch. 50, Act 742, §§ 1 et seq., and any applicable collective bargaining agreement.
   (B)   Duties and powers. The Assistant Fire Chiefs shall oversee and coordinate the activities of the three shifts of the Department, as well as, assume and maintain control of emergency scenes unless relieved by an officer of higher rank. The Assistant Chiefs shall assist the Fire Chief with the Fire Chief’s duties as directed by the Fire Chief. In the absence of the Fire Chief, and Deputy Fire Chiefs, the Assistant Chief on duty will have charge of the activities of the Fire Department. The Assistant Fire Chiefs shall have further duties and powers as from time to time prescribed by ordinance or by the City Council.
   (C)   Tenure. If a member of the Department is promoted to Assistant Fire Chief, he shall be considered as on furlough from the rank held immediately prior to his appointment as Assistant Chief. If the rank of Assistant Chief is eliminated or the Assistant Chief is demoted from the rank of Assistant Chief he shall revert to and be established in such prior rank, and thereafter be entitled to all the benefits and emoluments of such prior rank without regards to whether a vacancy then exists in such rank.
   (D)   Demotion or discharge; hearing or charges; retirement. The Assistant Fire Chief shall be subject to the same provisions for demotion, discharge, suspension and retirement as applicable to other members of the Fire Department according to §§ 40.080 through 40.105 of this code.
(1980 Code, § 8.003)  (Ord. 8498, passed 7-15-1991; Ord. 9162, passed 2-8-2010; Ord. 9309, passed 6-26-2017)