(a)   Quantity.  There shall be provided at the time of the erection or enlargement of any main building or structure, the following permanent off-street parking spaces, with adequate provision made for ingress and egress to the parking spaces.  Such spaces shall be maintained for designated parking.  Parking space dimensions shall be nine feet by twenty feet and parking spaces shall be at the side or rear of the building. Parking at the front of the building shall require a variance. (Ord. 757-99.  Passed 12-18-99.)
      (1)   Dwelling.  Two parking spaces per dwelling unit.
      (2)   Auditoriums, theaters, churches, schools, and other similar places of assembly.  One parking space for every five seats in the assembly area.
      (3)   Hospitals and other service facilities.  One parking space for each 800 square feet of floor space.
      (4)   Commercial buildings including hotels, motels, clubs and lodges.  One parking space for each 400 square feet of floor area.
      (5)   Swimming pools (community and public swimming pools).  One parking space for each 100 square feet of water area in the pool(s).
      (6)   Boat docks.  (See Section 1280.04,  "W" Water District standards.)
   (b)   Rules.
      (1)   In the case of mixed uses, the parking spaces required shall equal the sum of the requirements of the various uses computed separately.
      (2)   All parking spaces required herein shall be located on the same lot with the building being served.  All parking provided shall be accessible at all times.  Parking spaces provided shall be identified as parking spaces for all buildings including buildings built prior to July 13, 1967.  (Ord. 757-99, passed 12-18-99.)
      (3)   Buildings constructed or under construction prior to July 13, 1967, shall not be required to meet the parking requirements of this chapter, except for paragraph (b)(2) above.  Buildings constructed or under construction prior to July 13, 1967, which are demolished and rebuilt, must meet all requirements of this chapter, except those buildings that qualify under Section 1290.06.  However, expansion of a building constructed or under construction prior to July 13, 1967 shall meet the parking requirements of this chapter for the expansion area only.  However, in no case will resulting parking spaces be less than those provided prior to December 18, 1999.  (Ord. 757-99, passed 12-18-99.)
      (4)   A change from one commercial use to a different commercial use shall be exempted from this chapter, unless the commercial use is specified in Section 1284.01.
      (5)   For commercial buildings, a transient boat space may substitute for an off-street parking space if the following requirements are met:  the boat space is a minimum of thirty feet in length and the total number of boat spaces shall not exceed fifty percent of the total required off-street parking spaces.
(Ord. 1010-11.  Passed 4-11-11.)